Arthur Miller's All My Sons is a major work of modern-20th century American Drama and an emotionally devastating depiction of a family that is torn apart by the secrets it keeps and the responsibilities from which it tries to run.

Praxis Stage presents 
All My Sons 
by Arthur Miller 
Directed by Joe Juknievich 

at Chelsea Theatre Works

 Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Isabelle Beagen

Costume Design: Maureen Festa

Sound Design/Production Assistant: Francis Xavier Norton

Lighting Design: Harrison Pearse Burke

Technical Director/Set Builder: James St. George

Movement/Intimacy/Violence Director: Kayleigh Kane

Master Electrician: Ryan Lemay

Poster Graphic: Evan Turisini

Cast (alphabetically): 
Robin Abrahams
Daniel Boudreau 
Dominic Carter 
Ryker Christensen
Scot Colford 
Lucas Commons-Miller
Kayleigh Kane
Lorna Lowe 
Sharon Mason 
Casey Preston



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