Where do you answer What is the recommended travel destination for domes...

It is finally summer summer.

It is finally summer summer. Have you already planned for the summer vacation? The economy was bad and the bonus decreased as well. Wherever you go, it will be crowded and you will be badly lost at home ... I will be metabolic! Because it is also good in the country here, why not go out for family memories, making memories with lovers? My recommendation is Tanegashima if this time. First of all the ocean is beautiful. I have to swim after all in summer. Of course you can also enjoy surfing and diving. Okinawa is also very beautiful, but a little far is a difficult point. If Tanegashima is a ferry from Kagoshima go out, it carries every car. Anyway there is a car very convenient, I can make a round of the island all the time. Also not only foods of the sea are potatoes, but sweet potatoes and shochu are also the best. If you are satisfied with swimming just swimming, finally go to the Tanegashima Space Center and let's shut it down. Now, this summer it is more fashionable in sunburns in the local pool and somewhat more than domestic sunburn. You can boast about taking a local souvenir to the company.

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